Welcome to Website for The ScallyWags Pirate Comedy Show!

We are a comedy show with a piratical twist!

Welcome to The ScallyWags official website!
The ScallyWags is a Pirate Comedy Show located in central Kansas that has been performing their acts at Renaissance Faires, private functions, Pirate Fests, Weddings, Conventions and more for over a decade. They are one of the longest running Pirate Acts in the U.S.. The Group does stage acts, sword fighting, improve comedy and more. They have been featured in magazines, books, radio, documentaries, telivision and they are regulars on the "Heavy Pork T.V. show. To learn more about the group check out the site, join our Feacebook, Twitter or join The ScallyWags Homeport, other then that drop us a line and have some fun. You should hire us!

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